Sunday, July 31, 2011

Emergency Crayon Candles

This is completely cool and is one of the MOST inexpensive ideas I've ever come across!
Go to the Dollar Store and pick up a box of cheap crayons and try this.

Get a small saucer or plate or even a candle dish...something fire-safe. Crayons are flat on the bottom side and will stand on end. You'll be taking advantage of this feature. Paper is flammable. You'll be taking advantage of this feature also.

Take the crayon and break off the point so that the crayon is flush with the paper. With a lighter or match, melt the broken end of the crayon and allow the paper to catch fire. The paper is your candle wick. Once it starts burning, place it flat end down on your dish and allow it to burn. One average crayon will burn for about 15 minutes. A box of 24 crayons will provide light for 6 hours.

Want to watch it happen? Check out this little video:

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