Thursday, December 10, 2009

Preparing for Waste?

That sounded like an odd title...I admit.

Give it some thought. How prepared are you for taking care of your toiletry needs if things in our world stop going "right"? Putting aside some toilet paper is one thing, but look at the housing market and compare it to the job market. Times are already pretty tight. And consider if something disastrous happens with our weather and you actually lose your house! You won't necessarily have a toilet to put that paper into! And if you end up using that 72 hour kit to the extent you have to pull the tent out of it,..... toilet necessities might take on a whole new way of thinking.

With that craziness in mind, take a look at this site: and if it strikes your interest enough to actually make a purchase, LUCKY FOR YOU I have a coupon code you can use to get 25% off your purchase price. Just use coupon code: prepxmas (and just overlook that xmas part in that. I didn't make up the code and I hate that abbreviation at LEAST as much as you do) and start saving!

See? More to consider when you are working on your storage than JUST food :)