Monday, October 11, 2010

Time for Batteries!

Normally you see signs up this time of year saying "Change your batteries when you set your clocks back!" Well, the powers that be are changing the timechange date on us again, so that puts us resetting clocks on November 7th.

Well that gives you time to get new batteries! Scour your house and your storage items. Get an idea of the sizes and styles of batteries you need and start shopping now to get them! You can find coupons in store circulars to make this easier on your wallet too. (Try sites like for a wide variety of printable coupons.)

You need batteries for things such as:

  • smoke alarms
  • carbon monoxide detectors
  • portable radios
  • weather alert radios
  • ham radios
  • flashlights
  • hearing aids
And a little "survival trick" that uses a battery....
Use some steel wool with a battery (we keep a 9volt on hand for this). Put the battery to the wool and have some wood on hand because you'll have a fire in literally a second or two. Firebuilding is one of those survival skills that is critical, and preparing in this way can be a huge blessing.

It never hurts to have an extra battery or two on hand either ;)