Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yeast from Scratch?

Yeast doesn't store forever, so what have YOU done to ensure you have plenty of yeast for your baking needs? Perhaps you have a 1-year supply, but what about a 2-year supply of yeast? Are you depending on your refrigerator and electricity to maintain the quality of your yeast?

Have you even THOUGHT about this subject before?
Honestly, I haven't! I came across this information that actually shows you the different ways you can obtain yeast on your own (and just bypass the grocery store altogether) and what foods can provide you with what type of yeast. Take a look at THIS WEBSITE and read it thoroughly! If you want to have bread in your storage long-term, this may be the way you should you think. And what about people who are allergic to wheat? Are you currently storing yeast that comes from wheat? If you don't know, shouldn't you know?

Knowledge can be power!