Saturday, April 17, 2010

Emergency Preparedness Fair

As a part of the emergency preparedness coordinator calling, many emergency preparedness fairs are put on. They oftentimes entail short demonstrations, handouts, taste tests, examples and speakers. I've seen/heard of other wards including FEMA, the Red Cross, local fire departments and some of the inventive and imaginative members of the ward. I like to think of myself as one of these imaginative members.

When I was called, I was so excited that NOW it was my RESPONSIBILITY to pull off one of these such fairs and I had every intention of including these big organizations to help instill the sense of urgency as well as excitement in the efforts we are called upon to make on behalf of our families. And now it is coming to pass!

April 24th, I hope you will come to the BIGGEST, most EXPRESSIVE, most ENLIGHTENING emergency preparedness fair you have ever heard of! I hope you will find a thrill in the helicopter that will be coming. I hope you'll find great deals on generators and win yourself a free strawberry plant! I hope you are amazed and astounded at the outdoor fire-building skills and cooking talents of our area Boy Scout troops! I hope you discover the alternative first aid items and methods you can implement should necessity arise. I hope you'll be amazed at the skills and comradery of the area ham radio operators as they demonstrate emergency communications. I hope your tastebuds are tantalized by the fabulous products made from fresh milled wheat. I hope your knowledge is expanded by the information provided by the county extension agent showing food preservation techniques. I hope you gain insight into the inner workings of Tanner Medical Center. I hope your children are excited about the goodies available there for them!

All in all, I hope you discover that preparing really IS a lot of fun when we do it together! And I hope you get to see me in my really awesome HELPING HANDS t-shirt!

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