Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner

What will you be having for Thanksgiving Dinner? Did you madly dash out to the grocery store for some last minute fresh items? Did you think to yourself at any point "I forgot to get ___!" ? What if disaster strikes us during a Thanksgiving time? Will we have used up our food storage for that one meal and have nothing to speak of for the days after?

As you sit down with your family to indulge in a fabulous meal that shows the good fortunes you've enjoyed over the past year, remember to give thanks that your ingredients didn't HAVE to come from food storage, and that you could enjoy a bounty instead of "make do with what you had." And as you clean the table and all the dishes, consider what you could do differently next year so that you can look at your bounty in the pantry and smile with courage that you've done as the Lord has asked and gathered what you could.

If you venture out to shop over the next few days, keep your eyes open for sales on canned items and dry goods that you can put away. Stock up where you can. Keep in mind that you might find good sales on things you might not need, but perhaps you could store it and have it to trade someone else later who might be in need of it. Even if you have no babies in your house, diapers make great bandages in a pinch and what mother wouldn't be glad to give you a pound of beans for a few diapers during a time of need? Keep thoughts like this in mind. The sales will be upon us soon! Be aware and get prepared!

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